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Are you interested in fostering a Labrador? Read more about how our guardianship program works!

Guardianship Program: About

We have a limited number of adults and puppies that become available for our guardianship program from time to time. We utilize this program to offer the best quality of life to our dogs that we want to keep in our breeding program. Dogs involved in guardianship are co-owned by North Legacy Labradors and you, the guardian. The puppy or adult dog is given to the guardian at no cost at 8 weeks of age (for puppies) or once their training is completed (for adults). Once the dog is ready to be bred, the dog is returned to us for a few days to breed with one of our males. Following the breeding, the dog is returned to the guardian until she is ready to whelp her puppies. The mother and puppies are whelped and raised with us, and the mother is returned to the guardian once the puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. Our females are bred a maximum of 3 times before they are retired, at which time they are spayed and returned to you for the rest of their life.

Guardianship Program: Adoption


  • You receive first pick of the litter for a purebred, health tested Labrador Retriever 

  • Any veterinary expenses related to pregnancy/whelping are covered by NLL until retired from breeding

  • Food during pregnancy and whelping is provided by NLL

  • Full ownership is signed over to you once the dog is retired

  • NLL pays for the dog to be spayed upon retirement

  • Compensation is provided for any travel expenses related to bringing the female to us for breeding/whelping

Requirements for guardians?

  • Must live within 1 hour from North Legacy Labradors

  • Must be willing to allow the dog to be shown by the breeder.

  • Must have previous experience with the breed

  • Must be able to provide a safe and loving home for one of our dogs

  • Must be willing to stay in touch with the breeder throughout all stages of the dog’s life (even after retirement)

  • Must be willing to use approved veterinary clinics

  • Must be willing to feed approved food brands (ie., Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Hills, Purina Pro Plan, and Iams)

  • Must be willing to keep the dog active and a healthy weight

If our guardianship program interests you, please fill out our application found here. 

We are currently recruiting two female guardianship homes for 2024. If you are interested or have further questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Guardianship Program: Text
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Guardianship Program: Image
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